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A big "Thank you" and a token of appreciation to all those who share their wealth of information via the various articles or downloadable samples.   Without your help,  I would never have succeeded in getting the website to this point.  I hope you will continue your support in the future.

  This page took a long time in coming up, and now that it has, I will keep it updated.  This is a very short list of the various contributions the contributors have generously made since the inception of this website.  Short list because I can't put down in words all that I have learned from them. This is just a sample of what they gave me or were a part of.

  Should I have overlooked someone or something, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.

 Alden Streeter

  1. Bugs: Using Group by along with NZ results in unreadable characters
  2. Strings: Replace a character with another within one string
  3. Tables: Have Autonumber field start from a value different from 1

 Allen Browne

 Link to WebSite  
  1. Forms: Detect new record in a form

 Andy Baron

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Forms: Detect new record in a form
  2. Forms: Delete current record
  3. Queries: Too few parameters, expected n
  4. Reports: Use a recordset as report's datasource

 Anthony S. Karre

  1. Tables: Creating DSNs from code

 Arvin Meyer

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Modules: CodeWriter 2.0
  2. Reports: Handle Null values in fields

 Chuck Grimsby

  1. Modules: Reading Text Files

 Dev Ashish

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. API: Enumerating Local and Network Drives
  2. API: Return a unique filename in a sequence
  3. API: Search for a file
  4. API: Find out if an application is currently running
  5. API: Get Login name
  6. API: Get computer name
  7. API: Return temporary, system, and installed directories
  8. API: Play MIDI/Avi/Wav files
  9. API: System Metrics
  10. API: Get Class name of a running app
  11. API: Read a value from the registry
  12. API: Exit Windows
  13. API: Retrieve Locale Info
  14. API: Start an app with ShellExecute
  15. API: Manipulate Access Window
  16. API: Get Short and Long file names
  17. API: Make code go to Sleep
  18. API: Find the associated EXE file
  19. API: Close another Application
  20. API: Copy a database
  21. API: hWnd of Controls
  22. API: Change cursor while editing
  23. API: Detect Available Resolutions
  24. API: Interrupt running code
  25. API: Access/Office and AddressOf Operator
  26. API: Drag and Drop from Explorer
  27. API: Enumerating System Fonts
  28. API: Detect Application Activate/Deactivate
  29. API: Put an image in Access window
  30. API: Suppress the "Printing" Dialog
  31. API: Suppress the "Loading Image" dialog
  32. API: Retrieve NT Server's Time
  33. API: Retrieve Current User's NT Domain
  34. API: Copy an image to the Clipboard
  35. API: Subclassing form for SysTray functionality
  36. API: Replacement for Sendkeys
  37. API: Enabling Full Row Select in a ListView
  38. API: Enabling Full Row Select in a Treeview
  39. API: Read/Set Internet Explorer URL from code
  40. API: Determining Combobox's Dropped state
  41. API: Drawing images on an Access form
  42. API: Retrieving a Special Folder's location
  43. API: Retrieving Operating System Name
  44. API: Changing button captions in GetOpenFileName dialog
  45. API: Enumerating user accounts in a NT Domain
  46. API: Changing Access's Priority under NT/Win2000
  47. API: Return the UserID currently logged on a remote machine
  48. API: Close the VBE window in Access 2000
  49. API: Change the ForeColor and Bold properties of a selected node in Treeview
  50. API: Get Version of Office Exes (detecting Office patches)
  51. API: Get full name of the user currently logged in to the system
  52. API: Perform IP Lookups and resolve addresses
  53. API: Bypassing Autoexec
  54. API: Find out if the database container window is currently visible
  55. Bugs: Automation Error error messages, unable to change/save/delete a database object
  56. Bugs: Cannot Start Data Access Object error message
  57. Bugs: Database name isn't an index this table
  58. Bugs: Run-Time Error 429: ActiveX component can't create object
  59. Bugs: Error registering Comcat.dll in registry during Install
  60. Bugs: Mailmerge starts new instance of Access
  61. Bugs: License problems
  62. Bugs: Office SR1 does not work in Win 98
  63. Bugs: Report returns more records than query
  64. Bugs: Access bugs fixed by Office 97 SR2
  65. Bugs: Couldn't Find Installable ISAM
  66. Bugs: Hyperlink with "mailto:" tag opens two windows
  67. Bugs: Error 53 when calling functions from custom DLL
  68. Bugs: Compile Error in Hidden Module
  69. Bugs: Solving VBS Error '800a01ad' on CreateObject in ASP/IIS
  70. Bugs: Code changes are lost during a recompile of code
  71. Bugs: TransferDatabase Causes Page Fault If Object Exists
  72. Bugs: Undefined Function in Expression (Error 3985)
  73. Bugs: Form_Resize fires after Form_Close on maximized forms
  74. Bugs: Access 2000: Compile Error in converted database
  75. Bugs: No read Permissions on "MsysModules2"
  76. Bugs: Access 2000: Type Mismatch or User Defined Type Not Defined
  77. Bugs: Access 2000: Can't Open/Convert Access 97 MDEs
  78. Bugs: Access 2000: Setup Flags
  79. Bugs: To Hide or Not To Hide
  80. Bugs: Access 97 fails to start after Access 2000 Uninstall
  81. Bugs: Access 2000: Corrupt VBA Project message during conversion
  82. Bugs: How to Install Access 97 and Access 2000 on the Same Computer
  83. Bugs: Database password appears to be set
  84. Bugs: Access 2000: DeleteObject code doesn't work
  85. Bugs: Image Control may cause a GPF when browsing between records
  86. Bugs: Access 2000: Differences between Jet Compact and Access Compact
  87. Bugs: Jet 4.0 SP3: Text IISAM does not work without txt file extension
  88. Bugs: Access 2000: Changes made to code in referenced databases are not saved
  89. Date/Time: Calculate Age of a person
  90. Date/Time: Return a date in the future from a given date
  91. Date/Time: Calculate Number of Working Days
  92. Forms: Use Variables in SQL behind forms
  93. Forms: Find out if a form is open
  94. Forms: Cycle through controls with common names
  95. Forms: Enumerate all controls on a form
  96. Forms: Have the form move to the record selected in List/Combo box
  97. Forms: Return Strings from Option Groups
  98. Forms: Use Multi-Select List boxes as query parameters
  99. Forms: Grab what the user has typed in a control (uncommitted value)
  100. Forms: Detect new record in a form
  101. Forms: Carry current value of a control to new records
  102. Forms: Form doesn't open as Modal even though Modal property is set to true
  103. Forms: Suspend code until a popup form is closed
  104. Forms: Add item to combo box using OnNotinList event
  105. Forms: Disable PgUp/PgDown keys in a form
  106. Forms: Determine name of parent form
  107. Forms: Resolve #Name error in a form/report
  108. Forms: Use ControlTipText to display textbox value
  109. Forms: Make a label flash
  110. Forms: Delete current record
  111. Forms: Cannot ApplyFilter on SubForm
  112. Forms: Colors and Continuous forms
  113. Forms: Duplicate "Record x of y"
  114. Forms: Ask before saving record
  115. Forms: Limit content of combo/list boxes
  116. Forms: Hide a subform if no records present
  117. Forms: Handle/Display images in forms/database
  118. Forms: Create a clock on a form
  119. Forms: Determine selected records in datasheet view
  120. Forms: Open a form in an external database
  121. Forms: Set defaults for Find Dialog box
  122. Forms: Form only allows new records to be entered
  123. Forms: OnMouseOver Effect
  124. Forms: Control Arrays in Access
  125. Forms: Tooltips don't seem to work on certain controls
  126. Forms: Adding "All" to a listbox or combobox
  127. Forms: Adding a Search form to a database
  128. Forms: First Control in a ReadOnly subform retains focus
  129. Forms: Callback function for a Multi Column List box
  130. General: Convert Access databases to Executables
  131. General: Automatically resize forms to current screen resolution
  132. General: Access, Office and Year 2000
  133. General: Determine name of sub/function where error occurred
  134. General: Prevent Access from closing
  135. General: Reset Autonumber field in Table
  136. General: Importing Excel spreadsheets from code
  137. General: Send Fax/Email from Access
  138. General: Run Word 97 MailMerge
  139. General: Some common Access specifications
  140. General: Commonly used naming conventions
  141. General: Why CompactCurrentDatabase doesn't work from code
  142. General: Learn about the new Acecss Virus
  143. General: Run Dos Batch files from Access
  144. General: Cannot open Access databases in previous versions
  145. General: Automation object doesn't close automatically
  146. General: DLookup Usage Samples
  147. General: Use LIKE in queries and code
  148. General: Inputbox and Password Masks
  149. General: How to create Shortcuts on Desktop
  150. General: Troubleshoot conversion to Access 97 problems
  151. General: Connect your database to the web
  152. General: Runtime command line argument doesn't work
  153. General: Run wizards from code
  154. General: Replace the Access splash screen
  155. General: Show/Hide database window from code
  156. General: Who's logged in?
  157. General: Copy CommandBars and Import/Export Specifications to a new database
  158. General: Access 2000: Hiding Replace Tab in Find/Replace Dialog
  159. Modules: Use variables to call functions
  160. Modules: Read Word Document Properties (Author, Last Print Date etc.)
  161. Modules: Return a concatenated list of sub-record values
  162. Modules: Opening another database in the same instance
  163. Modules: Sample Excel Automation
  164. Modules: Run Excel Macros through Automation
  165. Modules: Concatenate fields in same table
  166. Modules: Check to see if a File or Directory exists
  167. Modules: Filter a recordset
  168. Modules: Disable Shift key
  169. Modules: Use Class modules to return Dir and File names
  170. Modules: Check if an object exists in the database
  171. Modules: Use FTP
  172. Modules: Conquer RunCommand Constants
  173. Modules: VB Switchboard Utility
  174. Modules: Import Outlook 98 messages
  175. Modules: Send Email using CDO/Outlook 98
  176. Modules: VB5 Compact Database utility (Access 97)
  177. Modules: Class Builder Wizard
  178. Modules: Compile Project
  179. Modules: Forms Wizard
  180. Modules: Using WithEvents to get saved filenames
  181. Modules: Access Downsizer
  182. Modules: Access 97 Compactor Addin
  183. Modules: Code Comment Builder Wizard
  184. Modules: Class Information Wizard
  185. Modules: Transferring Records to Excel with Automation
  186. Modules: Internet Data Transfer Library
  187. Modules: Determining who has Word Doc file open
  188. Modules: Getting the Decompile and Compact context menu options
  189. Modules: Scheduler Utility
  190. Modules: Opening a new Word document based on a template through Automation
  191. Modules: Backup Wizard
  192. Modules: Exporting an Excel worksheet as a CSV file
  193. Modules: File Search and Properties Object
  194. Modules: File Change Notification Component
  195. Modules: LDB Viewer Form
  196. Modules: Search Wizard
  197. Modules: Automating Internet Explorer 5
  198. Queries: Use a parameter to return all records if Null
  199. Queries: Return database object names
  200. Queries: Open Parameter queries from code
  201. Queries: Find Duplicate key values
  202. Queries: Solving problems with Dates in SQL
  203. Queries: Create a query that returns Top n records
  204. Queries: Turn off the default Action query confirmations
  205. Queries: Too few parameters, expected n
  206. Queries: Simplify action queries in code
  207. Reports: Printout Multiple copies of a report
  208. Reports: Print only the current record to a report
  209. Reports: Handle reports from a modal form
  210. Reports: Show totals at bottom of report
  211. Reports: Use Multiselect listbox to limit records in report
  212. Reports: Close report automatically if no data found
  213. Reports: Send a report via EMail
  214. Reports: Change printers from code
  215. Reports: Open a report in an external database
  216. Reports: Bring up Print Dialog from code
  217. Reports: Printing Page Numbers on multi column report
  218. Reports: Displaying timelines on a report
  219. Strings: Parse one field's data into multiple fields
  220. Strings: Extract characters from a string containing both numbers and characters
  221. Strings: Parsing character separated string into individual components
  222. Strings: Capitalize first character of every word automatically
  223. Strings: Convert all text to Upper/Lower case
  224. Strings: Increment Numeric portion of a string
  225. Tables: How to find out if a table exists in a database
  226. Tables: "Too many fields defined" error message
  227. Tables: Referential Integrity between databases
  228. Tables: Hide a table in Database Window
  229. Tables: Have Autonumber field start from a value different from 1
  230. Tables: Retrieve linked database namepath
  231. Tables: Create Hyperlink Field from code
  232. Tables: Relink Access tables from code
  233. Tables: Relink ODBC tables from code
  234. Tables: Oracle Synonyms
  235. Tables: Creating an AutoNumber field from code

 Dimitri Furman

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Modules: Text Export Class
  2. Modules: Class for sending emails through GroupWise

 Drew Wutka

  1. Forms: Mini Calendar

 Erika Yoxall

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Forms: Fill Fields automatically on form based on a control's value
  2. Queries: Have query return highest/lowest value in a field
  3. Queries: Use a variable in a field's criteria
  4. Queries: Have a query return every nth record in a table
  5. Queries: Find Unmatched records between two tables

 Gary Labowitz

  1. Modules: Maintain a history of changes

 Graeme Wilson

  1. General: Email/Export Charts from Access

 Graham Mandeno

  1. API: Preventing multiple instances of a database

 Hans Karman

  1. Tables: Synchronization without Replication

 James H Brooks

  1. Forms: Changing the Background Color of the Current Record in a Continuous Form
  2. Reports: Printing First and Last Page Numbers for Report Groups

 Jason Looney

  1. Forms: Make Numeric and Date fields respond to Plus or Minus keys

 Jay Holovacs

  1. Strings: Names with Mixed cases

 Joe Foster

  1. Date/Time: Return Dates in US #mm/dd/yyyy# format
  2. Modules: Convert Currency ($500) into words (Five Hundred Dollars)
  3. Queries: Create a query that returns Random records
  4. Queries: Handling floating-point, Currency, and Decimal Datatype in SQL

 John Viescas

 Link to WebSite   
  1. Queries: Jet-MSDE: DELETE * FROM Table1; Incorrect syntax near '*'

 Ken Getz

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. API: Call the standard Windows File Open/Save dialog box
  2. Date/Time: Doing WorkDay Math in VBA
  3. General: Path and Folder location for databases
  4. Modules: VBA Developer's Handbook - Replacement for functions in Chapter 12
  5. Modules: Scheduler Utility
  6. Modules: Implementing a custom Rounding procedure

 Keri Hardwick

  1. API: Removing Min/Max/Close buttons from a report's Preview Window
  2. Bugs: Error 3014 - Can't Open Any More Tables
  3. Bugs: Bookmark Bug
  4. Bugs: Database Won't Open
  5. Forms: #Error when the Subform has no records
  6. Forms: Refer to Controls on a tabbed form
  7. Forms: Refer to Form and Subform properties and controls
  8. General: Use Autonumbers properly
  9. Reports: Lines/Graphics not retained in Word/RTF Export

 Klaus Probst

  1. API: Put a custom icon in the form's caption bar

 Larry Christopher

  1. API: Track IntelliMouse's Wheel

 Larry Linson

  1. Forms: Displaying photos in a form

 Lewis Moseley

  1. Date/Time: Various Date manipulation functions

 Lyle Fairfield

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Modules: Determining the number of dimensions for an array
  2. Tables: Relink tables from different datasources

 Marshall Barton

  1. Forms: Solid Block Font for use on continuous forms

 Mary Chipman

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Bugs: Access 2000 ADPs: Memo field corruption

 Matthias Kaskel

  1. General: Displaying IP Addresses by using an Input mask

 Michael Bedward

  1. Forms: Display a dialog box for a specified duration

 Michael Kaplan

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Bugs: Solving Access IPFs with /Decompile
  2. Bugs: Access 2000: Formatting MsgBox's with '@'
  3. Forms: TSI Subforminator!
  4. General: Automation object doesn't close automatically
  5. General: Jet 4.0 Replication
  6. General: What was that password again?
  7. General: Securing AllowBypassKey
  8. Modules: TSI Synchronizer
  9. Modules: Specify UserName & Password for new Access instance
  10. Modules: TSI Xpression 9.0
  11. Modules: TSI Form/Report to Data Access Page Wizard
  12. Modules: Using DAO code in ADPs
  13. Modules: TSI Word to the Wise

 Michel Walsh

  1. API: Daylight Savings Time & PreciseDateDiff
  2. Date/Time: Calculate Age of a person
  3. Date/Time: How many Sundays between two dates
  4. Forms: Use Variables in SQL behind forms
  5. Modules: Spelling number, in many languages (PolyGlot Number Speller)
  6. Queries: Finding all X having all required Y
  7. Queries: Fixed column name and crosstabs
  8. Queries: Continuous sequence, maximum length (stroke)
  9. Queries: Quartiles, Percentiles
  10. Queries: Getting a related field from a GroupBy (total) query
  11. Queries: Merging sequences
  12. Queries: Queries: Jet-MSDE: DELETE * FROM Table1; Incorrect syntax near '*'
  13. Queries: BOM, with Joe Celko Nested Sets
  14. Tables: How to perform Seek on Linked Tables

 Mitch Wheat

  1. Forms: Update All Open Forms

 Nicole Calinoiu

  1. Forms: Move and Resize form windows from code

 Norm Chezem

  1. Tables: Recover records from a corrupt table

 Norris Couch

  1. General: How to duplicate VBA code in Perl using OLE

 Paul van Goudoever

  1. General: Reading a drive's Volume Label

 Pedro Gil

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Forms: Clock From Around The World
  2. Forms: Calendar Month View
  3. Forms: Shaped Forms
  4. Tables: Lookup Table Manager

 Radu Lascae

  1. Reports: Custom Zoom in Reports

 Rebecca Riordan

  1. Tables: Sub-classing Entities

 Robin Stoddart-Stones

  1. Date/Time: How to handle midnight in calculations
  2. Date/Time: Time, adding and subtracting time and timesheets
  3. Date/Time: Determining Average Time
  4. Modules: Bill Of Materials

 Stephen Lebans

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. API: Rotate Text
  2. API: Determining Combobox's Dropped state
  3. API: Calling Windows Choose Color Dialog
  4. API: Calling Windows Choose Font Dialog
  5. Modules: Rotate Label ActiveX Control

 Steve Jorgensen

  1. Reports: Count the Number of Groups on a Report
  2. Tables: Oracle Synonyms

 Terry Kreft

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. API: BrowseFolder Dialog
  2. API: Enumerating Local and Network Drives
  3. API: Shell and Wait
  4. API: Return a temporary unique file name
  5. API: Read a value from the registry
  6. API: Remove Close button from maximized forms
  7. API: Daylight Savings Time & PreciseDateDiff
  8. API: Displaying a custom Mouse icon
  9. API: Copy variables/control contents to memory
  10. API: Removing Min/Max/Close buttons from a report's Preview Window
  11. API: Calling Windows Choose Color Dialog
  12. API: Calling Windows Choose Font Dialog
  13. Bugs: Common Functions like CurrentDB, str$, Mid$ fail to work
  14. Bugs: Numlock key keeps turning off
  15. Bugs: WebBrowser control: Run-Time error '438'
  16. Date/Time: Calculate differences in time
  17. Forms: Close all open forms and "For Each" syntax
  18. General: Path and Folder location for databases
  19. General: Importing Excel spreadsheets from code
  20. General: Bits and Bitmasks
  21. Modules: VB Switchboard Utility
  22. Modules: References Wizard
  23. Modules: Class Builder Wizard
  24. Modules: PrivDBEngine and Startup Properties
  25. Modules: Forms Wizard
  26. Modules: Access Downsizer
  27. Modules: Code Comment Builder Wizard
  28. Modules: Class Information Wizard
  29. Modules: Creating a reference to a Class in a Library database
  30. Modules: Scheduler Utility
  31. Modules: Backup Wizard
  32. Modules: File Slice Wizard

 Terry Wickenden

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Forms: Move cursor to the end of text in a textbox

 Thomas M. Brittell

  1. General: Generic Name Structures in Access
  2. Reports: Variable Grow Box Report

 Tim Walters

  1. Date/Time: Calculate Age of a person

 Timothy Pascoe

  1. Tables: Relink tables from different datasources

 Tom van Stiphout

  1. Bugs: Maximum length strings crash Access Security Wizard

 Trevor Best

 Link to WebSite   Email  
  1. Modules: Domain Aggregate Functions Replacements

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