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This page provides the links to some of the very useful technical papers posted in Microsoft's MSDN, Knowledge Base, and elsewhere on the internet. 

 Deploying Data Access Pages on the Internet

By Roy Leban (MS). When you're done reading this document, you'll know how to: (a) Use FrontPage to edit and enhance your data access pages. (b) Use frames and server filters to create an easier-to-use and easier-to-navigate Web site. (c) Use a three-tier architecture to deploy a secure data access page-based Web site on the Internet by using Access and IIS to serve data from Access or Microsoft SQL Server™ databases. If your Web site has an administrator, you'll learn what information your administrator needs in order to help you set up your site.

 Migrating from DAO to ADO

By Alyssa Henry (MS). This document is a guide to revising code that uses Microsoft® Data Access Objects (DAO) into code that uses Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO). It also guides those who are writing new code using ADO with the OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Jet (Microsoft Jet Provider). It compares the general differences between DAO and ADO and details the mapping of objects, properties, and methods from DAO to ADO. It also highlights functional or semantic differences between similarly named methods or properties.

 Database Replication in Microsoft Jet 4.0

By Debra Dove (MS). This document focuses on new functionality that is introduced with Microsoft Jet 4.0 and the suggested tools specifically enhanced for this release of Microsoft Jet replication. New functionality includes the unified treatment of conflicts and errors, column-level tracking of changes, improved priority-conflict-resolution algorithm, added replica types and visibilities, and extended replication functionality exposed through the Microsoft Jet and Replication Objects (JRO) 2.1 library.

 Porting DAO Code to ADO with the Microsoft Jet Provider

By Alyssa Henry (MS). Provides a guide to changing code that uses Microsoft® Data Access Objects (DAO) into code that uses Microsoft ActiveX® Data Objects (ADO). (25 printed pages) Also discusses authoring new applications using ADO with the OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Jet.

 Understanding Microsoft Jet Locking

By Kevin Collins (MS). The purpose of this paper is to introduce you to Microsoft® Jet 2.x and Microsoft Jet 3.0 and 3.5 locking techniques so that you can apply the information to coding and debugging when developing multiuser applications. The paper has a special section near the end that discusses features particular to Microsoft Jet 3.5.

 Access Security FAQ (download)

Security Frequently Asked Questions on Security for Access 2.0, Access 95, and Access 97. Written by Andy Baron, Chris Bell, Mary Chipman, and Paul Litwin. As the title states, it answers just about any Access security questions you might have. If you've implemented security, then you can't do without this document.

 Access Security FAQ (online)

The online version of the Security FAQ at Microsoft's website.

 Replication FAQ (download)

Written by Mary Chipman, Michael Kaplan, Paul Litwin, and Steve Thompson. As with any other FAQ, this paper answers many Access Replication questions you might encounter.

 JetUtils.exe (download)

Among other files, this download also contains the "Understanding Microsoft Jet Locking" white paper.

 WX1121 (Overview of Events)

This document contains an overview of the events for forms, reports, records, and controls in Access version 2.0.

 Code Optimization

Mr. Getz provides some suggestions about what you can do to make your Access applications work as well as possible, focusing on the choices you make when writing VBA code.

 Advanced Class Modules (MSFT)

Messrs Getz and Gilbert show how to create a collection class, a Parent property, and how to take advantage of WithEvents while avoiding reference problems.

 Office 97 Shared Components (MSFT)

Mr. Getz talks about using the Office object model

 Simplify and Accelerate Your Development Process (MSFT)

Messrs Getz and Gilbert pick Class Modules as the most important developer feature in Office 97.

 Replacing API Calls that Manipulate Menus (MSFT)

Messrs Getz and Gilbert provide some pointers and examples of using Commandbars and their Object Model.

 Writing Code for International Use

Mr. Getz addresses basic issues relating to writing international code in an Office 97 VBA environment.

 Access, VB, Office and Year 2000

Written by Dan Haught of FMS Inc. Excellent article on the "huh?" and "how?" of Year 2000 issues in the VB/Office world.

 Use Classes to enhance list and combo boxes

Written by Jim Ferguson of FMS Inc. Access 97’s new support for standard class modules lets you greatly extend the functionality of standard controls. This article shows how to make Access’s unbound list and combo boxes behave more like those in Visual Basic by adding a few new methods and properties via a standard class module.

 When Access Math doesn't Add up

Written by Luke Chung, President of FMS Inc. All versions of Access share several quirks that can result in inaccurate mathematical calculations in both code and queries. Understanding these quirks will help you avoid unnecessary headaches when the numbers you generate don’t match the mathematically correct values.

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