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Access 2003 Inside Out
By John L. Viescas. A complete book. destined to become a classic, this book is 1300 pages of timesaving solutions which are well organized and easy to find. John L. Viescas is a veteran author of Access books. This book is easy for the novice to read but packs information for the full-time professional. The book includes a CD with fully functional applications demonstrating stand-alone desktop applications and client/server applications that access SQL Server data.
 Access 2002 Developer's Handbook Set

By Ken Getz, Paul Litwin, and Mike Gilbert A fully revised edition of the best-selling Access 2000 Developer's Handbook Set. Includes Access 2002 Desktop Developer's Handbook and Access 2002 Enterprise Developer's Handbook. Delivers comprehensive coverage of developing both stand-alone desktop applications and client/server and Web applications that access SQL Server data.This two-volume set provides you with the two most advanced guides to Access development at a significantly reduced price.

 Access and VB Developers Handbooks

By Ken Getz, Paul Litwin, and Mike GilbertYou will find links to all the books published by the most renowned authors in the field. There's a Access and VBA Developer's Handbook for each version of Access released to date.

 Designing Relational Database Systems

By Rebecca Riordan (Microsoft Press; ISBN: 073560634X). Covers relational database design and theory, including chapters on modeling and communicating the design, the User Interface, etc.

 Running Access 97

By John Viescas. Excellent book for beginner to mid-level developers. Covers everything Access has to offer.

 Internationalization with Visual Basic

By Michael Kaplan. This new book on internationalization in Visual Basic is designed to take the most popular development platform in the world (Visual Basic) and make it the most popular platform FOR the world (and all of the locales in it!). It provides the information you really need to produce internationalized, localized, and/or globalized applications and components in Visual Basic. This site contains information on the book, updates for people who own it, and links to where you can find it!

 Advanced Visual Basic 6: Power Techniques for Everyday Programs

By COM guru Matthew Curland. This book takes you to places that no other book on VB and COM has ever dared to go. In Advanced Visual Basic 6, leading Visual Basic expert Matthew Curland demonstrates powerhouse techniques programmers can use to write high-performance, robust, and reusable VB code. Readers learn how to leverage the close relationships between VB, COM, and OLE Automation, extending the envelope of VB's capabilities and building high-quality, object-based systems.

 Building Applications with Microsoft Access 97

This page introduces Building Applications with Microsoft® Access 97, a book that helps you create, manage, and distribute your own applications.

 Access 97 Expert Solutions

This book helps you learn how Access application experts work-their standards, philosophies, tools, and techniques-and how to apply such knowledge to your development. (Thanks to: Eli Linkov)

 Access-Office-VB Advisor

Access-Office-VB Advisor is written by developers, for developers.  It's the one monthly magazine that helps IT professionals understand and use the best Visual Basic Technology designs, tools, techniques, add-ons, management and business practices to implement enterprise solutions.

 Smart Access Online

Another monthly journal published by Pinnacle Publishing.

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