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   Please note that The Access Web is not associated with any of these products or the companies.  This list of commercial Access products is provided only as a reference point to visitors of this site. 

  The Access Web, as a site, and any of it's authors, do NOT receive any kind of bonus and/or incentives from any of these companies.

 FMS Inc.

FMS is the leading developer of tools and related products for the Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET, and Visual Basic communities. With tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries, FMS products and services are used by all types of organizations.


from Tony Toews. Allows your users to keep your front-end synced with the latest version.

 Database Recovery Services

from PK Solutions. Ever lose data because of a corrupted mdb file? Well, now remember this site.

 Speed Ferret

From Black Moshannon Systems. Global Find-And-Replace Utility.  Very handy. (great for "Seek and...Destroy!?")

 Find And Replace

From Rick Fisher Consulting. Provides a "Find and Replace" function for Tables (searching design elements such as field names, not the data in the table), Queries, Forms, Reports, Macros, and Modules.

 On The Fly Printing

from ACG Soft. Shareware code module developers can incorporate into an application to allow users to setup and change the printer for any Access report and send that report to print. Also supports printing a report to two paper trays.

 Email and PDF Creator Class Library

from ACG Soft. An easy to use code library for Access that allows the automating output of reports as PDF files. Supports Adobe Acrobat versions 3 through 6, and other PDF drivers like Win2PDF, pdfFactory and PDF995. Also provides support for emailing reports and any other file attachment using Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes and GroupWise.

 DBPix Image Control

From Ammara. DBPix is an image control for building database applications with picture handling capabilities, such as photo databases and other image management software. It addresses the bloat issue by storing images as compressed bitmaps.

 Animation Gif ActiveX control

From Jin Hui. Using Animation GIF ActiveX, you can display GIF files (including still, animation , GIF87a, GIF89a and transparent) in the OLE container. It supports all GIF89a standard, including transparent, animation, looping, delay time, logical screen, restoring to background or previous image, etc.


From Cynergi. Export all tables in a MS-Access database file to 2 text files: one containing SQL instructions to delete the new tables to be created, and the other with SQL instructions to create and insert data into the new tables.


SSW has a number of developer utilities for the Access  developer. SSW Upsizing PRO! is for moving databases to SQL Server. Others are SSW Data PRO! (Version Control for your data.mdb), SSW Data Renovator (Compare the differences) and Property and Event PRO! (A find and replace utility to get consistent apps)

 Access Maintainer

The Access Maintainer utility is designed to automate the maintenance of Microsoft Access database files (.mdb) in the Windows environment.

 Data Reviewer

Data Reviewer will help you scrub or normalize your data and understand the data in your database.

 Sagekey Software Inc.

Wise and InstallShield scripts for Access 97 ODE setup. Fixes a bunch of known ODE issues and provides greater control on the installation.

 CardCheck DLL

From Donia Software Products. CardCheck is an ActiveX DLL that can be used in your Access applications to validate credit card numbers as they are entered into the database.


The IDSMail ActiveX Code Component allows software developers to easily incorporate universal E-mail send and receive capability into their applications. A single set of code allows the programmer to transparently support mail systems based on SMTP/POP3, MAPI, VIM, MHS, Active Messaging, or Banyan VINES. IDSMail can even auto-sense the E-mail system installed.

 RFil Report Filtering Utility

From Steve Nyberg. RFil Version 4.0 is a free report filtering utility for Access 97 databases. It lets you filter any report by any of its fields. The filtered reports can be previewed or printed, or it can just return the count of records matching your filter criteria.

 Tal Technologies

Access sample databases with open source to use barcode readers also programs to hook up instrumentation packages via TCP/IP and put resulting data into Access, Excel, or other databases. This would require Network Protocol converters RS232 or 485 to TCP/IP.

 Barcode 1 Shareware and Demoware Page

From Russ Adams. Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about Barcodes and how to use them from Access (and other apps).

 GFM Inc

Check out the AccessToVB product line. Designed to convert programs written in Microsoft Access to equivalent MS Visual Basic 4 or 5 projects.


Graphing and drill-down addin. Available for all Access versions.

 Data Flow Manager

from Peter's Software. Data Flow Manager (DFM) is an add-in for MS Access® 97, designed to easily plug into your custom MS Access database application and efficiently manage the flow of data in and out of the application.

 Software Technology for Business

Check out our Source Code for a Complete Accounting System!(Royalty Free, Networkable, Unlimited Distribution Rights!) Also Includes Web Integration Programs & Source Code, Libraries, and tons of Microsoft Access 95 & 97 Shareware & Freeware Programs!


High performance List / Tree / Grid control which works nicely with Access 32 bit versions.

 MS Access to .NET Converter

Converts Access forms and reports into web-enabled ASP.NET forms and Crystal Reports.


PhotoArchivist, an image cataloging application written in Microsoft Access, works around a new photo data model that enables you to describe context, camera and technical data.

 Superior SQL Builder

Superior SQL Builder is a new SQL tool that visually builds complete SQL scripts, not just single queries. Superior SQL Builder takes advantage of new scripting technology, allowing complete SQL scripts to be built within a single, integrated environment. Superior SQL Builder supports Access, SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

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