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Access, Office, and VBA links from around the world.


 Microsoft Access Home Page

Access home at Microsoft's Website. Check it out for latest product and release information.

 Microsoft Help and Support

Search Microsoft's database of support articles, find software updates, Service Packs, patches, device drivers, and downloadable Microsoft products, view support information, by product, including common issues, frequently asked questions, instructions, and latest downloads.

 Microsoft Access Developer Center

Find Access related articles, tips, and software.

 Access Template Gallery

Ready made Access database templates, provided by Microsoft.

 Office Developer Center

Home for all Office Developer related content

 Microsoft Developer Network

If you're not reading the MSDN, you're probably missing a good chunk of useful information.

 Trigeminal Inc. 

From Michael Kaplan, check it out for it's "multilingual junk with a modicum of redeeming value".

 Developers Handbook  Microsoft MVP

This site is devoted to supporting readers of the volumes in the Developer's Handbook series written by Paul Litwin, Mike Gilbert, and Ken Getz

 Stephen Lebans's Website  Microsoft MVP

From personal experience, don't ever tell Stephen Lebans that Access forms/list/combo boxes can't do that. Some interesting code and controls are available, all addressing some long needed functionality in Access forms and reports (read as: others gave up).

 Tony's Main Access Page  Microsoft MVP

A long running Access FAQ site managed by Tony Toews. Good links, Email FAQ, and recommended for those seeking Access Accounting packages.

 Viescas Consulting  Microsoft MVP

Home page of John Viescas. Visit for Tips, Links, Books and Downloads.

seeking Access Accounting packages.

 Arvin Meyer's Access Downloads  Microsoft MVP

A large collection of Access demo databases in Access 97 and 2000 versions, from Arvin Meyer, co-author of The Access Web. Also some VB programs [CodeWriter 2.0]

 Doug Steele's Beer and Programming Emporium  Microsoft MVP

As Doug Steele says Beer, Wine and Database Programming. What could be better?

 Access MVP.com  Microsoft MVP

Programming examples by several Access MVPs.

 ACG Soft 

Advanced tips, neat utilities and very useful shareware, and lots of links from Steven Arbaugh.

 Allen Browne's Database and Training  Microsoft MVP

Allen Browne's site provides free tips for developers and users of Microsoft Access.

 Roger Carlson's Access Library  Microsoft MVP

A large collection of Access demo databases from Roger Carlson and many others.

 Able Consulting, Inc.  Microsoft MVP

Brought to us by Carl Prothman. You will find detailed information on ADO/RDO, including a FAQ section.

 CyRiv Solutions

Managed by some very well known CDMA regulars, the site also contains some nice utilities & files available for

 Access Junkie Microsoft MVP

Managed by Jeff Conrad, the site contains dozens of Links answers to to Access development questions organized by subject.

 Access Email FAQ Microsoft MVP

Managed by Tony Toews. The site highlights the various ways emails can be automatically generated from an Access application.

 Microsoft Access Replication Home

From Microsoft. A comprehensive collection of Replication related topics. And afterwards, don't forget to visit Trigeminal Inc's Home Page for additional information on Replication.

 Trevor Best's Access FAQ

Plenty of tips from a veteran newsgroup contributor.

 Terry Wickenden's Website

Terry joins the group of people with Access websites. And with what content! A must visit for those perplexed with RunCommand constants.

 MS Access SIG

Microsoft Access HAL-PC SIG web page. We are a Special Interest Group (SIG), devoted to all aspects of using Microsoft Access, providing a forum where users can have their questions answered, and presenting topics of interest to various experience levels.

 Moscow Access User Group  Microsoft MVP

Managed by Alex Dybenko.

 Sydney Access User Group

Managed by Adam Cogan.

 Pacific Northwest Access User Group

President - Teresa Hennig

 Central Florida Computer Society - Access SIG Microsoft MVP

Lead by Arvin Meyer. Classes and meetings the first Tuesday of every month.


 [Conseils d'utilisation] microsoft.public.fr.access

Discussions relatives à Access en général


 Access FAQ  Microsoft MVP

From Karl Donaubauer. Eine Homepage, die die häufigsten Fragen zu Access beantwortet. Auch als Downloadbare Zip-Datei vorhanden. Der Fokus der FAQ liegt auf Acc 97


 Sito Comune - it.comp.appl.access

Questo sito nasce dalla necessità di raccogliere idee, consigli ed esempi di programmazione in VBA che emergono dal newsgroup it.comp.appl.access. Questo spazio è aperto a tutti coloro che vogliono collaborare fornendo materiale in tema con lo sviluppo di applicativi gestionali in ambiente MSAccess©.


 http://www.access.online.pt  Microsoft MVP

Site dos MVPs João Tito Livio (Portugal) e Luiz Cláudio C. V. Rocha (Brasil)


 La Web de Access del Búho  Microsoft MVP

Desarrollado por Francisco J. Garcia Aguado.

 Access y VBA  Microsoft MVP

Desarrollado por Juan M Afan de Ribera

 Utilidades Access  Microsoft MVP

Desarrollado por José Bengoechea

 mcpegasus.net  Microsoft MVP

Desarrollado por Rafael "McPegasus" Andrada


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