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I maintain this site as a resource for users of Microsoft Access. I like to think of it as the best coverage of Access Runcommand Constants. The aim of this site is to give a comprehensive insight into the use of the RunCommand constants within Microsoft Access. Unfortunately as my roles have changed over the years so my involvement in Access has diminished so you will find that the later versions are not as well covered. I am grateful to all the people (too many to mention) who have helped me with information.

If you find any errors or omissions on this site, please let me know via my comments page.

I hope you find the site useful and thanks for calling by.

Terry Wickenden

History of RunCommand Constants

The RunCommand action was introduced in Access 97 also known as version 8. In the versions released since then, Access 2000 (version 9), Access 2002 (version 10), Access 2003 (version 11), Access 2007 (version 12) and Access 2010 (version 14), have added, amended and removed abilities of the RunCommand action.

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