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Repair External Database


This example repairs a database. It will not repair the current database. The full path of the database must be passed to the routine.

'***************** Code Start *******************
SendKeys information
' This code was originally written by Terry Wickenden.
' It is not to be altered or distributed,
' except as part of an application.
' You are free to use it in any application,
' provided the copyright notice is left unchanged.

Sub DBRepair(strRepair As String)
  On Error GoTo errDBRepair

  SendKeys strRepair
  SendKeys "{ENTER}"
  RunCommand acCmdRepairDatabase
  Exit Sub

  Select Case Err
    Case 2501
      'Cancel Button selected in the repair database dialog
    Case Else
      MsgBox Err.Number & ":- " & vbCrLf & Err.Description
  End Select

End Sub

'****************** Code End ********************

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