Code Examples

Arrange Windows

acCmdWindowCascade, acCmdTileVertically, acCmdWindowArrangeIcons, acCmdTileHorizontally

This code accepts a parameter and then arranges the open windows as defined in the passed parameter.

'***************** Code Start *******************
' Code By Terry Wickenden

Sub ArrangeWindows(strHow As String)

  Select Case strHow
    Case "Cascade"
      DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdWindowCascade
    Case "Vertical"
      DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdTileVertically
    Case "Horizontal"
      DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdTileHorizontally
    Case "Arrange"
      DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdWindowArrangeIcons
    End Select

End Sub

'****************** Code End ********************

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